Considering that the best way to keep a “performance” alive is to repeat it, the German artist Thomas Geiger created the Festival of Minimal Actions and invites artists to share their inconspicuous concepts of art pieces dedicated to public space and its haphazard onlookers. During the Festival Geiger repeats these concepts himself within the city and makes them visible for a new (although random) audience in a new social and temporal context. To date, the Festival of Minimal Actions took place in Brussels (2014) and in Paris (2015). On invitation of D├ęspacio the 3rd and also final edition will happen in the capital of Costa Rica in the beginning of 2018. (Parts of this text, including the title are taken from the same named essay by Sophie Lapalu which was published on the occasion of the 1st Festival of Minimal Actions.)

Concept: Thomas Geiger, email
Design: Astrid Seme, Studio